Wednesday, July 7, 2010

marathoner turns derby girl?

yesterday i did something i never thought i'd do...i tried out for the roller derby team! a couple years ago, i convinced my very good friend jennie to run a marathon with me and now she convinced made me try out with her.

the last time i skated was probably when i was 12 years old, about the same for her. who knows what we were thinking when we decided to do this because our skills were probably about as good as a 12 year old or worse! we got to the rink an hour earlier to practice a bit. i think we held on to the rail our first time around! it was so hard. not like i remembered! i could not even turn nor stop. it was horrible. i was determined to get better because i was an excellent skater back in the day, or so i'd like to think.

after several more circles around the rink we got a little better. and by that i mean we were no longer losing balance and crashing into the walls. oh yes, i crashed into the wall a few times. once i went right into it trying to stop, i hurt me knee really bad. i sat out for a few minutes but went right back out there.

we then met the girls on the team. they made us feel very welcomed. told us what to expect in the assessment they would be giving us. everyone was super friendly. they put is in line, jennie being first and me second. they made us do a number of things like skating in a scissor position, t-stops, cross t ( i think that's what they called it) skating w/one leg, hopping, etc. things we've never tried much less were ready for. we tried as best as we could but in the end we didn't make the team. it was a great experience. had a lot of fun in the process and met some pretty awesome chicks.

i had so much fun i think i will be practicing all month in order to try out next time--on my own free will of course! jennie was happy to hear that. of course we haven't done any of the pushing and shoving yet and i am almost positive that is where i will want out! will keep you posted!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

oh happy day!

good tuesday morning! hope everyone had a great 4th of july weekend! mine was fantastic! my boyfriend and i went to houston for a little getaway. its actually in richmond, just outside of houston, his parents own a little country home- just perfect for us! very peaceful and relaxing.


we rented movies. ate out a lot! i did run 4 miles w/our team on sat morning and another 2 miles on sunday. he and i were watching triathlon, the ultra marathon in hawaii 2009. it was so inspiring. people w/disabilities finishing the impossible, i was so amazed. it also inspired my boyfriend to challenge me to a 2 mile run, he is not a runner nor does he participate in ANY physical activity whatsoever. i took on the challenge and he did great on the first mile, he was leading and i caught up to him because he began to walk. i told him endurance is EVERYTHING! i ran a little more in front of him as to show off, then came back for him as i knew he was in pain-- we shook hands and called it even, but we both who the real winner was.

we went to dinner afterwords at a local restaurant, swampys. pretty neat restaurant, so-so food. we went to buy fireworks afterwords. popped them, just him and i. drank a couple bottles of wine and ate junk food. it was awesome!


next morning, more junk food! we can never take a houston trip w/out visiting james coney island! they have the best chili dogs! mmm, mmm, good!


our mini-vacay was complete. went driving around, had coffee, some more lounging around. just perfect! if it's possible to fall in love all over again, i think i just did! ♥