Wednesday, March 31, 2010

yo quiero green!

last night's dinner @ green: a quinoa burrito! quinoa, beans, avocado, cashew cheese, organic spinach and sprouts all wrapped in a jumbo whole whole wheat tortilla.



of course i would pick the most fattening foods on the menu 2 days in a row! this burrito was surprisingly delicious! it was no habaneros (my favorite burrito eatery), but i enjoyed it just the same! it was filling and really hit the spot. even the garden salad was delicious. i'm a bit picky and...well, let's just say weird about my food- i don't like my food touching each other (call me crazy, this i know). anyway, everything in my salad was strategically placed making me a very happy girl! :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

gracie likes it

so, i've decided while i'm gathering all my info on my becoming a raw foodist that maybe i should try pescetarianism first. i think probably a long while before i jump to the extreme. anyway, i'm going to try different foods and see what i like/dislike, see how my stomach handles these foods, etc before going full-out.

last night for dinner i had: a buffalo chicken sandwich w/chicken fried wheat meat dipped in buffalo sauce with lettuce and chipotle mayo on ezekial bread w/sweet potato fries!



it was yummy! put that in the "like" category! :)
not only was it delicious, but it was so convenient. i talked about the difficulties i would have in eating dinner because of my schedule but it was easier than i thought! i placed my order online, it was ready when i picked it up and it was on my way to class! i love green (that's the name of the restaurant by the way)!

Monday, March 29, 2010

what i love about mondays!

while most people hate mondays, i absolutely love them! for me, it's another chance at getting things right! let's forget about last week and put it in the past! forget about how i cheated on my diet and let's start working on improving it!

speaking of my make things only harder for me, i am debating on becoming a raw foodist. i read 'green for life' last night and became completely inspired. you may be thinking how am i going to do that if i can't even stay away from the sugar my dr banned, but i really think i can do it. it's time to stop complaining about my weight loss (or lack thereof) and actually do something about it. i need to start living a healthier lifestyle and i believe this is key.

i'm going to talk to my nutritionist on wed and in the mean time i will be doing more research on it. i'm not your typical vegetable enthusiast, so this is going to be tough. i do however think this is completely attainable if i take baby steps. only time will tell...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

blog giveaways?

so, today i learned what the self-explanatory word "blog giveaway" meant! thanks katye...after visiting a few contest pages, i'm posting some--because apparently, that's how you enter! :)

wow, this is hard work! i sure hope i do win cool would it be to win the shoes, shirt, socks and shoes? not to mention the starbucks giftcard...i gave up coffee for lent and it would just perfect! :)

anywho...that covers my blog for the day! now to think of my own giveaway...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

the forbidden apple

...alright so, let's talk about how i'm flushing my money down the drain. as i mentioned yesterday, i'm seeing a nutritionist, his last orders were: cut down on sugar, no sweets, no processed foods, no tortillas and only eat ezekial bread. the very next day, i did pretty good. well balanced breakfast? check. healthy snack? check. nutritious lunch? check. after 3pm, it was all down hill.

i went for a walk to my friend's office, and there it was a homemade double chocolate brownie. i almost stopped for a moment, but then i realized, who am i kidding? i have no self-control and one little brownie won't hurt? why is it when you can't have something, you want it even more?

then it was time for dinner. i recently re enrolled in school (that's a whole other topic i'd like to discuss, but we'll eventually get there), and haven't got the whole eating regimen down yet. eat before or after class? before class would mean packing my breakfast, lunch & dinner to work. after class would mean waiting till 9pm to make my own dinner. anyway, i already messed up w/the brownie-why not have some chicken tenders from sonic? i was proud of myself for opting the apples instead of fries but who am i kidding?

next morning, not all that better. daddy made breakfast and of course he made chorizo and egg tacos. he also packed it in a bag for me, oh my daddy's the best! i debated whether to eat the taco the whole way to work. then i realized it was friday and we're still in lenten season and i can eat meat--there was my easy out. wrong, i thought it would be an even worse sin if i threw it away, so you guessed it-i ate it.
ate a fish sandwich and fries for lunch..........and for dinner, well, we attended one of danny's (danny is my boyfriend) best friends going away party at a lake house. what did they serve, barbecue! i wasn't trying to sin 2 times in 1 day, so i waited til midnight to eat the chicken! it was delicious! oh yeah, and i washed it down with...ahem, a few beers. then of course on the way home, stopped for another 2 bean & cheese tacos (thanks baby). this is going to look real great on my food log i'm submitting to my dr.

wish me luck today, another birthday on the agenda plus dinner w/my best friend.

Friday, March 26, 2010


i'm new to blogging and figure i'd see what it's all about. i don't have a very interesting life and don't think i will have many followers, but at least i'll be able to amuse myself! :)
currently i'm 4 weeks into seeing my nutritionist--maybe when/if i actually lose weight i can write about that...i just finished the disney half marathon about 3 weeks, so i'm not currently training--but maybe i can start so i can have something to write about? haha. either way, i've started a blog and whether or not i will continue to let you all into my life's adventures is up in the air...