Friday, September 17, 2010

good news, great news, other news

wow! i can't believe 2 weeks have passed me by! i guess that means i'm having fun! (or been really busy) whatever the case, i've got news to share!

did you see me on

Courtney's blog?

i was this week's featured runner of the week! (2 weeks ago :))

courtney is also hosting a totally awesome drawing


the best part is it's benefiting the leukemia & lymphoma society! yeah!

what you missed last week:
♥ honored hero ice cream social movie night! (hosted by yours truly)
♥ an attempt at a 3 mile run (shins still not doing good) :(
♥ wine tasting benefiting the leukemia & lymphoma society
♥ weekend of a waste: sick, sick, sick oh and hurt--but on a positive note, my boyfriend did take care of me and we got to spend all weekend in bed!

what you missed this week:
♥ not much! :)
♥ sports doc on monday
♥ new pair of running shoes
♥ MY FIRST RUN SINCE LABOR DAY! YEAH! it wasn't a great run, but i was just happy to run! need to do more conditioning and speedwork. i need to do a lot of catching up in order to train for my upcoming marathons!

tonight....GREY'S ANATOMY!! i can't wait, can you?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

here comes the sun

well, they canceled practice last night and here's why!

our route was completely under water! i guess that's what we get for asking for rain! well, the sun is finally up and good times await! it's thursday afternoon and the weekend it almost here! i know it was only a 4-day work week, but boy were we busy! i'm finally caught up w/my work and now taking a break to enjoy this wonderful watermelon! ah, this is heaven!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

bring on the rain

i jinxed myself! turns out, i was only able to go 7 days without fast food! but in my defense, it was pouring rain! i did really well to pack my lunches for the week but forgot to defrost something...anything for dinner! :(
oh well, we can try again! even if i eat fastfood just 3 times this month that will be an accomplishment for me!

yesterday was also my first day off my shins. i will say this, not working out= laziness! i ate and went straight to bed! i really hope my shins heal or this will have been a waste! :) at least it was raining so it was very relaxing listening to the rain. i adore the rain!

what i love about rain?

♥ snuggling
♥ white chocolate mocha
♥ the smell before & after
♥ doing absolutely nothing
♥ rainbows

looking forward to my turkey burger & sweet potatoe fries after practice! i will not be running but my teammates will...i think i make a better cheerleader than a runner anyway :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

what a wonderful weekend!

i would like to begin this blog by telling you that i am 7 days fast-food free!! i didn't say i've been eating healthy, but i have not had a bite of fast food in 7 whole days! that's a huge accomplishment for me! only 23 more days to go! actually, i'm hoping to break the habit!

[friday] i had an early airrosti appointment and decided to take the rest of the day off. the session went well, but still was not able to run on saturday :( i was very productive for a day off. i cooked and cleaned, went grocery shopping, did laundry, did the dishes twice! and if you know me, you know that i HATE dishes! i also spent the day packing my lunch for the week, slicing fruit and putting into containers. i bought these awesome containers (pictured above) at walmart 3/$1.50!! i bought several! i packed turkey, pepper jack cheese & spinach sandwiches, carrots & a small spinach salad in each. i also packed some spinach, grilled chicken w/parmesan cheese in others. a yummy treat!

[saturday] i intended to run 12 miles, but my shins had a mind of their own. they still hurt and i ended up walking only 10. another participant on the team, alyson, had the same problem w/her shins so we walked together- i sure hope we heal soon! after practice i made a mad dash home to shower and change and met mom at the movies. we saw EAT, PRAY, LOVE! such a great movie! i read the book and absolutely loved it! as always the book is way better, but i must say i was impressed by the movie! julia roberts did a great job...and i'm not saying that because she's my favorite actress either! i left the movies and headed to meet the boyfriend to go shopping for his one-year-old neice and then to her birthday party! birthday parties are more fun when you have kids...we have no intention of having kids, but i should have brought my god-daughter! too bad the kid had prior engagements! :)

[sunday] my boyfriend and i spent the day at seaworld. apparently everyone else in san antonio had the same idea! needless to say, we did not stay very long. however, we did have a lot of fun feeding the dolphins! precious, isn't she?

[monday] the annual labor day whine run! and i did whine a lot! my shins hurt sooo much and i think i will be staying off it for awhile. it's only when you're hurt that you notice the other hurt people on the course looking like idiots determined to finish at any expense! here is lila, me & kelley before the race:

and us w/a few fellow TNTers enjoying some wine afterwards! sangria to be exact!

then we spent the rest of the afternoon bbq'ing at kelley's house. we ate and drank and ate a lot more! a perfect way to end the wonderful weekend!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

3 things thursday

hello blog world and "welcome" to my new followers! i've notice quite a few new faces and i'm so glad to have you along! when i reach 50 followers, we will have a giveaway! so tell your friends about me :)

sorry to have been MIA yesterday, but work has been busy! and also, writing a post after guest blogger, katye, now that's very intimidating! thanks again for your wonderful post

katye of

1. i joined someones challenge, jillian micheals 30 day shred, and had every intention of starting yesterday. i woke up early and put the dvd started playing, but then got to the part where you have to select a scene-- i lost my remote years ago and could not switch selections! so much for that! but while making my breakfast & lunch it did give me the idea to only make food: no more fast food! i am challenging myself not to eat fast food for the rest of the month! i may give myself a little leeway on the weekends, but during the week absolutely no fast food! let's see if i can do this?? can you?

2. last night's practice didn't go too well. now, my other shin is bothering me! (but not to fret, i made another airrosti appt for tomorrow so hopefully i'll be healed for my 14 mile run!) i walked the whole way...and don't think i quite made it to 4 miles. i did ice when i got home and foam rolled. i am completely in love w/foam rolling! it is instant relief...for the moment anyway! will keep ya posted!

3. katye also awarded me with the "cherry on top award." yay for my second award! :)


The Rules:

1. Answer this question: If you had the chance to go back and change one thing in your life, would you and what would it be?

that is a very hard question because i truly believe all the choices i have made, right or wrong have made me the person i am today. i think kenny chesney says it best in one of my favorite songs,

a lot of things different.

i would definitely have taken more risks and less chances. after hearing this song, i have made a conscious effort to live by these lyrics.

2. The second thing you have to do is, pick 6 people and give them this award. You then have to inform the person that they have gotten this award.

lindsay of

april of

christina of

brooke of

andrew of

destination 26.2 of

3. The third and final thing is, thank the person who gave you the award.

thank you

katye of

for the lovely award and again for guest blogging!


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

a visit from long legs on the loose

hey everyone, please welcome my very first guest blogger!

katye from long legs on the lose

her and i met through virtual team in training and ran the princess half marathon! she was also my inspiration for creating a blog so i thought it was very fitting that she be my first guest blogger! here's what she had to say:

Hey all! This is Katye from When my TNT buddy Grace asked me to write a guest post I had 100 ideas running through my head but decided to funnel down and eventually chose the topic of "Race Training and Weight Loss". Although this article will focus on marathon training, it can apply to any distance! Before I write anything further please note I am in now way a doctor or nutritionist (I don't think I 1 year as a exercise science and nutrition major counts) however, I am a run and walk coach and I'm pulling on my own experience as well as those of others.

I'm sure you've thought to yourself before or at least heard someone else say, "Wow I am going to train for this race and the weight is just going to fly off!". Common misconception. You're upping your mileage so it would only make sense for the number on the scale to decrease right? But go ahead and think about the last race you ran. Part of the true beauty of running is all the different people you see at races! You see all different ages, body types, sizes, paces, etc. and chances are someone who doesn't necessary look like a fit runner will kick your more trim butt. Why is this? Sometimes you might even see your weight go up during race training. Yep I said it. You may actually gain weight while marathon training. Before I continue I will say I in no way condone weighing yourself on a daily or even weekly basis (unless you see a doctor or specialist who asks you to). Honestly I believe scales are liars and mood alters. I won't go to far into it but I spent years being a slave to the number on the scale suffering from various eating disorders, mainly bulimia and exercise bulimia. I let the number on the scale completely determine my opinion of myself. Depending on what that number was I would either hate or like myself. Of course I never loved myself. The number was never low enough. But I went through treatment and continue to keep myself in check but although I've gained 30 much needed lbs in the past 4 years, I am currently the healthiest and happiest I ever have been! Remember, race training is about loving and appreciating your body for what it can do and accomplish! Not about what it looks like.

Ok so to get down to it. Why don't we drop crazy lbs during training? Why might we gain some weight? Chances are in you are training for an endurance event, you are a fairly active person to begin with. I understand some people begin training having never done any form of exercise for years and that's great! But those are not the people I'm talking about here so keep that in mind. So here are a few questions to ask yourself.

Are you drinking too many calories?
This is very easy to do whether your training or not! Many beverages like juice, soda, and alcohol are packed with sugar and calories and its much easier to forget about those calories than it would be if you were eating something calories dense. The same is true for sports drinks. They are typically filled with sugar which isn't always a bad thing, you do need to restore those electrolytes while training!, BUT you really only need these sports drinks when exercising for over and hour and they should never replace water. Now some companies are offering lighter versions of these drinks like G2 and Vitamin water light but they still have a decent amount of sugar. If you really feel you need a sports drink more often than every 5 miles or so trying mixing your favorite sports drink with water at a 50/50 ratio. Also be careful of recovery drinks and smoothies. These can be great! But if your not careful you can pack just as many calories as you just burned in one serving. Just because its form a health food store does not mean you don't need to check the nutritional info!

Are you over fueling?
Easy mistake to make and I think we are all guilty of this at one time or another. You know you have a long run in the morning so you may let yourself eat a few extra simple carbs than usual. OK, seriously I love carbs and they are a wonderful thing that our bodies NEED, especially if you are an athlete; but when you know you will be doing so serious mileage in the morning, it sometimes a little easier to let yourself over indulge and grab a few extra pieces of white bread or a few extra scopes of white pasta then you know you need. Carbs are wonderful, but make sure you are getting complex carbs from fruit, vegetables, and whole grains and go a little lighter on the simple carbs like white bread and sugary foods.

Are you better hydrated?
Believe it or not, when you are adequately hydrated you weigh more. And no this doesn't mean bloat. Your muscles are made mostly of water. When they are working hard they need more water. More water in your body means a heavier body, not extra fat!

Are you training in addition to or instead of your typical activity?
Are you running miles in addition to your normal activity or in place of it? It is common for some people to rest more during training, thinking, “Wow I ran far...I can relax the rest of the day”. Also, are you now skipping your pilates class, weight lighting, sports, swimming, or whatever it is you used to do? I completely understand the time commitment that endurance training takes and let's face it, we can't always do it all. But just remember, if you replace all that other activity with miles, you won't see any drops in weight (which is fine!). Although I don't suggest fully stopping your other workouts. Cross training is necessary for safe running! Throw in some pilates, yoga, stretching, and STRENGTH TRAINING every once in a while. So much of running is about your core and upper body...don't neglect them =)

Are you allowing too many post run "rewards"?
First of all I hate that starting as young children, we are rewarded with food. But that is a different story. Unfortunately our minds tend to focus on "rewarding" ourselves for a job well down with calorie dense junk food. I am very guilty of this one as well! Its so easy to get in an awesome race and than stop for a huge greasy breakfast to "refuel". Honestly, I think this is great! every once in a while. But not every run or even every week! Refuel yourself with something with a little more substance than pancakes. After a long run, your body needs a good mix of protein, carbs, and fat to recover. Skip the waffle or sundae (save that for special occasions) and go for an egg sandwich on a whole grain english muffin, and Turkey and cheese sandwich, even a peanut butter and jelly! Yes you are working hard but if you are always compensating your runs with calories, of course you aren't going to be losing weight. I do fully condone the post race celebration though =)

And last but not least the cliche but so true...Are you building muscle mass?
Muscle weighs more than fat. Period. Don't let this become and excuse but it just proves that the number on the scale is not the most accurate way of measuring your fitness. In stead of that number, try measuring inches or how your clothes fit =)

Okay well that is it from me! Thank you Grace for offering me the chance to guest blog!


thanks so much katye for taking time out of your busy schedule to share such an interesting and informative post! i myself have a big problem with post-run "rewards," i will definitely need to cut down during the training season (and then make up for it post-race)!

Monday, August 30, 2010

weekend recap

what a weekend! if you want a social life, join TNT! i can't remember the last time i've been so busy...oh yes, the last time i was involved w/TNT! :)

thursday night we enjoyed the night w/TNT friends at a casino night fundraiser! it was a lot of fun! wasting away fake money is the best! not too mention we won some real money in a 50/50 raffle, $75 buckaroos! we also came out the big winners winning 6 bottles of wine, a wine tasting for 8, golf for 2 and a box of cigars! the night couldn't have been anymore fun!

after work on friday, i went to bed at 6pm and didn't wake up until 4:30am for our morning run! another 12 miles under the belt! the weather was perfect, low 60s a rarity in texas! i'm praying for more days like these!

and in the evening, a real treat to reward our 12 mile run! TNT friends celebrating a birthday! (birthday boy not featured) we went out to eat at the yard house & then dancing at a club called klusoz. lots of fun!
i definitely need to get used to this because i felt like such an old lady calling it a night early...especially spending all day sunday in bed! (although i really did enjoy that!) what i didn't like is that i ate pretty much all day! i don't know why i think running entitles me to eat everything in sight??! hopefully i snap out of it soon!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

my first virtual race update

i finished

MCM MAMA's 'Mama Goes Masters' Virtual Race .

last night! I had a great time despite some of my obstacles...

here's me at the start of my race holding my race bib. the race director forgot to pack safety pins in the packet-- i bet he is getting a lot of complaints!

as you can see, i am wearing my "official race gear." no race is complete w/out my purple jersey! i decided to join this race not only because i wanted to celebrate mama's 40th birthday, but also because 1) i have never ran a virtual race 2) i had the option of doing 4.0 miles 3) conveniently, my team practices on wednesday nights and does a 4 mile run! how perfect for me! so unlike most of my fellow racers i actually had my team out there.

i have been suffering from some shin splints for awhile now and julia, a first-time participant, needed a running partner so it was pretty perfect for both of us because i needed to run a slower pace. she's not that slow actually and ran an awesome 4 miles! she recently started a blog as well, stop by

saving lives one mile at a time

and check her out!
here we are mid run:
Photobucket i'm extremely short so she is squatting down as much as she could. :)

the run was good and the conversation was better, before we knew it we were at the "finish line." woohoo!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

i don't have an official time because my garmin finally went out :( good thing i had a race chip on-- maybe the race director can figure it out! :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

grace goes virtual

well, so much for blogging to hold me accountable. i missed my plyometric class last night-- i'll blame it on the rain! (had to blame somebody) :)

but tonight will be different! we are scheduled for another wed night 4 mile group run...after reading

P's blog

yesterday, i had the idea of joining

MCM MAMA's 'Mama Goes Masters' Virtual Race .

to celebrate her 40th birthday!!

i'm super excited about running my first virtual race! hoping to have as much as P did--seriously check out her hilarious race update, absolutely loved the video! and she looked cute running it!

check back tomorrow for my race update and pictures!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

oh, what a summer!

wow! it's been almost 2 months since my last post; life hasn't gotten busy! it would take forever to update you, so i will just touch on the highlights! :)

summer started off w/a bang! our team went tubing and had a blast!
not only do we work hard, we play hard too!

went on my first trip to NY w/my boyfriend and his old roommate. we had an amazing time! trip began w/lunch at figaro's; pizza and, of course, beer! the pizza was absolutely delicious! did a little shopping and exploring around times square. next morning a saturday run! that's right, running while on vacation! (i'm the mexican in the pink skirt)


i intended to run 10 miles (because that's what my team back home was doing), but i chickened out at 7 miles. didn't want to exhaust myself, of course! ;) running w/TNT's NY chapter was amazing! ran w/some really sweet girls who called me "texas" and they laughted at me when i said "y'all." they were all great, supportive, welcoming--expected nothing less from fellow TNT'ers!

went to madame tussads & went up the empire state building- the view was breathtaking! we enjoyed the view of the city at night there and the next at top of the rock during the day, both were amazing but i enjoyed the view during the day better. we visited the statue of liberty, ground zero & got to experience a yankee game! it was awesome, the fans are crazy! one yankee fan threw a beer over a redsox fan-- i don't condone any of it, but it made really good entertainment! we did a lot of tours the next day including the nbc studio tour and radio city hall. we went in st patrick's cathedral-absolutely amazing! we went out and met some "friends" from jersey! they were really sweet and fun! we danced and drank the night away, definitely a night to remember! our last day was spent at the museum of natural history- i really wish we were able to visit more museums, but they were so huge you really need a whole day to visit! i felt like the days were going so fast and we didn't have time for anything! oh and we also visited central park our last day and got a tour on a pedi-cab. it was a delight! i can't wait for our next visit there!


my first day back, even though i was still on vacation, that did not mean i was able to sleep in! finally went to see an airrosti doctor for my shin splints that had been hurting me a couple weeks before my trip. it was EXTREMELY painful, but after my last treatment (this past friday) i feel GREAT! that afternoon was spent w/my family, TNT family that is! recommitment dinner! this is where all the participants recommit to finish the training and fundraising for the nike and san antonio marathons! pictured below are: lisa, our honored hero & my reason joining TNT; amy & debbie, my running buddies and fabulous duo; and to my right is carla, my newest running buddy- we actually run the same pace!


and the next day, a fundraiser to support the leukemia & lymphoma society, a bachelorette auction! pictured below are more fellow teamates: kelley, my running buddy (when i can keep up w/her); lisa, a tnt participant and bachelorette; victor, tnt alumni who bought the lovely lisa! oh and that's me on the left :)


always a great night w/TNT! as of right now we are up to 14 miles! (i'm at 12 miles because NY set me back, but i'll be fine) and i'm back to blogging because i feel this is the only way to hold me accountable! so with that...

saturday: 12 miles
monday: 30 crossramp/1 hour yoga
tonight: 1 hour of plyometrics!

and through it all i managed to maintain my weight of 138. let's see how many lbs i can lose 'til the end of september!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

marathoner turns derby girl?

yesterday i did something i never thought i'd do...i tried out for the roller derby team! a couple years ago, i convinced my very good friend jennie to run a marathon with me and now she convinced made me try out with her.

the last time i skated was probably when i was 12 years old, about the same for her. who knows what we were thinking when we decided to do this because our skills were probably about as good as a 12 year old or worse! we got to the rink an hour earlier to practice a bit. i think we held on to the rail our first time around! it was so hard. not like i remembered! i could not even turn nor stop. it was horrible. i was determined to get better because i was an excellent skater back in the day, or so i'd like to think.

after several more circles around the rink we got a little better. and by that i mean we were no longer losing balance and crashing into the walls. oh yes, i crashed into the wall a few times. once i went right into it trying to stop, i hurt me knee really bad. i sat out for a few minutes but went right back out there.

we then met the girls on the team. they made us feel very welcomed. told us what to expect in the assessment they would be giving us. everyone was super friendly. they put is in line, jennie being first and me second. they made us do a number of things like skating in a scissor position, t-stops, cross t ( i think that's what they called it) skating w/one leg, hopping, etc. things we've never tried much less were ready for. we tried as best as we could but in the end we didn't make the team. it was a great experience. had a lot of fun in the process and met some pretty awesome chicks.

i had so much fun i think i will be practicing all month in order to try out next time--on my own free will of course! jennie was happy to hear that. of course we haven't done any of the pushing and shoving yet and i am almost positive that is where i will want out! will keep you posted!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

oh happy day!

good tuesday morning! hope everyone had a great 4th of july weekend! mine was fantastic! my boyfriend and i went to houston for a little getaway. its actually in richmond, just outside of houston, his parents own a little country home- just perfect for us! very peaceful and relaxing.


we rented movies. ate out a lot! i did run 4 miles w/our team on sat morning and another 2 miles on sunday. he and i were watching triathlon, the ultra marathon in hawaii 2009. it was so inspiring. people w/disabilities finishing the impossible, i was so amazed. it also inspired my boyfriend to challenge me to a 2 mile run, he is not a runner nor does he participate in ANY physical activity whatsoever. i took on the challenge and he did great on the first mile, he was leading and i caught up to him because he began to walk. i told him endurance is EVERYTHING! i ran a little more in front of him as to show off, then came back for him as i knew he was in pain-- we shook hands and called it even, but we both who the real winner was.

we went to dinner afterwords at a local restaurant, swampys. pretty neat restaurant, so-so food. we went to buy fireworks afterwords. popped them, just him and i. drank a couple bottles of wine and ate junk food. it was awesome!


next morning, more junk food! we can never take a houston trip w/out visiting james coney island! they have the best chili dogs! mmm, mmm, good!


our mini-vacay was complete. went driving around, had coffee, some more lounging around. just perfect! if it's possible to fall in love all over again, i think i just did! ♥

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

my first award

yay! i'm super excited to receive my first bloggy award! i was hoping this day would come :) i would like to thank chloe from tryin' to throw my arms around the world for this wonderful honor!

so, as a recipient of the "versatile blogger award" i am to share 6 or 7 things about myself. here goes!

ONE. i just recently conquered my fear of needles! i used to be deathly afraid of needles but my dr insisted once and it wasn't that bad. i then decided to give blood since i'm a big advocate of saving lives!

TWO. as you may or may not know, i'm a marathon runner! i have been running since 2006 with team in training benefiting the leukemia & lymphoma society collectively raising over $20,000 in the last 4 years! i've ran 1 marathon and 5 half marathons...currently training for the san antonio rock n roll marathon! on a mission to meet 26.2 again! my favorite? it's a tie between the nike marathon & the disney princess 1/2 marathon!

THREE. i'm a hypochondriac! when you're around me, please don't ever mention that something is wrong with you because chances are it's contagious and i already have it! or in this case, don't blog about because i will be blogging about it the next day :)

FOUR. i will be making my first visit to NYC in august! i am super excited, so if anyone knows of any must see or dos, please share!

FIVE. my boyfriend and i have been together for five years. he is the love of my life and my very best friend. our very first date was on valentine's day. he sent me roses anonymously, took me for dinner at my favorite restaurant, then out for drinks and a game of pool. it was a perfect night that i will always remember!

SIX. i'm a hopless romantic who believes in happy endings.

and now the fun part! i get to give the award away! winner, winner, winner:

P, from Adventures of an Average Athlete

emz, from If I can't convince you - - I'll at least confuse you.

kelly, from kelly leigh gets busy

lara lee, from dawn of a beginning

and........drum roll please,
brooke, from Smart + Strong = Sexy

wow, it is better to recieve than give in this case- that was a lot of hard work :)
hope you like your award as much as i liked mine!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

ten things tuesday

1. had a wonderful weekend, much deserved after the horrible week i had! we had our first TNT potluck w/all teams (marathon, hike & tri). here's a pic of a few of us, it totally looks like we're praying or something- really wish i knew what we were doing. :)

2. i didn't run w/my usual running buddy, one because she ran too fast and two because i stayed and ran w/another teammate, ronni. i then found out she is a survivor! she is such an amazing, strong, beautiful woman! i am in awe of her faith and self-motivation, she will be running the nike marathon in october! so happy for her!

3. my god-daughter turned 5! well not really, but she'll be w/her dad in july so we thought we'd celebrate early. time has really flown by so fast!

4. i woke up monday morning to a washed truck! i ♥ daddy!

5. i also chose to have a good day yesterday- guess what, i did!

6. my love and i went to see toy story 3 last night! absolutely adorable! my new favorite disney movie! ♥ ♥ ♥

7. this morning a lot of things went wrong but it's amazing when you chose to be happy, nothing can tear you down!

8. tonight- cash bash! i get to see my team again and tell them all about fundraising opportunities!

9. my gym bag is packed and i intend to get back on the treadmill tonight! hopefully i don't get forced to go out to eat w/the team :)

10. oh happy day! hope your day is as good as you want it to be! chose to be happy!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

just let me wine today, tomorrow's another chardonnay

yay! today is thursday, just one more day of this dreadful week! :)
i swear i'm usually not such a pessimist, but this really has been one of the worst weeks ever! not only because a dear friend has passed, but because it was very blah, very dull and boring and depressing! haven't lost any more weight, haven't had the energy to try! last night's group run was pathetic! i had to stay behind while my running partner passed me up- i just know it's because i haven't worked out all week. and boohoo, looks like i'm out of the juneathon challenge! :(
it was fun while it lasted, and yes i did drown my sorrows in a glass of wine! i deserve it!

anyway, i am in brighter spirits today. hoping for a great weekend and a great week to follow! new goals and new workout plans!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

dancing in the rain

yesterday i lost a great friend and role model to cancer. in 2006, i joined team in training to help fund a cure for cancer. i had no connection to cancer, didn't even know anyone who had it. over the past 4 years i've met so many people who have been affected by it and yesterday, tim was the first person i knew who died from it.

tim palmquist was a high spirited man. always had a smile on his face. he hired me at the job i am employed today. he worked here 35's hard to believe he won't be coming back. we've known for awhile that his last days would soon come to an end. the days leading up to it were very sad. we had a conversation that i will forever hold in my heart. he was ready to die. he lived a great life and was part of a clinical trial. sadly, the trial did not save him but may be the reason someone else lives. we cried together as he told me how proud he was of all that i do to help fund a cure. i truly don't believe i can stop any time soon until we find a cure. no family should have to endure something so terrible.

so, today i try and enjoy life. try to forget the blah day i had yesterday. ignore the petty things that ruined my morning like forgetting my phone, accidentally throwing my pedometer in the wash and someone stealing my spare tire from my truck! life is too short to worry about the small things in life. today i chose to make the most of life! i chose to dance in the rain rather than wait for the storm to pass!

Monday, June 21, 2010


well, looks like i didn't get chosen for win, lose or blog-- but i'll still keep up with it here. i guess i'll take it as a compliment in that they don't think i have much weight to lose :)

tomorrow's another weigh in. not worrying terribly as i usually am, hope this doesn't mean i'm giving up. monday's are just so blah. i feel blah right now. didn't feel like coming into work, don't feel like working, don't feel like working out tonight, blah, blah, blah!

well, don't have much more to say than "blah" so i guess i'll close for now. tomorrow will be a better day! :)
juneathon day 18: zumba
juneathon day 19: 4 mile run
juneathon day 20: weights

Thursday, June 17, 2010

the road less traveled

yes, i'm aware my title and picture do not coordinate; however, that is exactly where i ended up yesterday following "the road less traveled" onto the riverwalk!

my intentions were to take the bus from downtown about 2 miles north. i was at the stop early and thought this can't be too much further, i'll walk a bit and maybe catch another bus along the way. before i knew it, i was lost! i'm pretty familiar w/downtown (especially since i lived here for about 2 years), but i was in unknown territory. i tried taking the backstreets toward my destination, but i should've known better--i have no sense of direction! i ended up at the riverwalk, midday, scorching 85 degree weather! H-O-T! it ended up taking me about 40 minutes to walk 2 miles, i'm pretty sure it was further than that! anyway, i got to where i needed (drenched in sweat, eeew) and luckily there was a bus stop nearby when i was ready to head back. it was a lovely adventure! and i did get an additional 2 miles in, not bad! :)

my feet were hurting so bad when i got back to work. i decided to leave work early and head for a manicure and pedicure. it was perfect! except for the fact that i was now running late for practice. oops! i raced to practice and stopped at the nearest gas station for a change of clothes. inevitably, my nails and toenails are bit messed up!
note to self: never get pampered before a run!

the run was great! i can definitely tell i'm getting back into the hang of this! i'm so excited for the actual race! a few of our teammates are leaving to seatle next weekend for their race, we got all teary eyed at dinner talking about the inspiration dinner and event weekend! i'm so excited for them...and wish i was going!

yes, i did say dinner. we went out again last night, but i've decided i'm not going to dwell on my diet anymore. as long as i don't gain anyomore weight, i'll be fine. but i'm definitly going to stay away from fastfood/junk food. for as long as i can. :) i think it will become natural. let's hope so anyway!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

juneathon day 16: 5 miles! woohoo

am i afraid of the scale or is the scale afraid of me?

not really thrilled w/myself this week. somehow i managed to gain back 4lbs! i know i've been bad, but i don't think i've been that bad! someone please tell me this is muscle fat that i'm gaining! it has to be, cause while i haven't been eating the greatest, i have still been working out.

i didn't do jillian michaels like i wanted to. i didn't have vigorous workouts this week. i walked on my treadmill instead of ran...okay, okay, i guess i see where i messed up. besides the fact that i haven't been following my diet book :)

that's actually when i started gaining the weight, when i stopped following the book, stopped drinking my green smoothies & stopped working out as hard. okay, i know where i went wrong- now i need to fix it! i'll try and eat well the rest of the week, but on monday, it's back on the diet for me! then maybe i can bring out jillian's 30 day shred again!

this is going to be hard, but this is going to be worth it! i want to be able to face the scale w/confidence next time!

start weight(06/02/10): 141
(06/08/10): 136
(06/15/10): 140
goal weight: 110

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

juneathon day 15: 2.5 miles + elliptical

juneathon day 14: 50 min (walking) on the dreadmill aka treadmill

Monday, June 14, 2010

i've got a date w/jillian tonight!

i hate reporting after the weekend! i was a bad, bad girl! very scared of weighing in tomorrow. actually, the whole week i haven't been eating as good as i did the first week. i would really like a do-over please!

lots of fast food, mexican food, chinese food...i have no excuses. it made me happy :)

i guess this means i'll have to workout more this week! i ordered the jillian micheals, 30 day shred dvd! it came in sat and i'm super excited to start today!

juneathon day 13: weights

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010

juneathon day 10: 1 hour of high energy zumba!

just say no

losing 5lbs has sure put a damper on things. i'm scared to eat anything for fear that i may gain it back! well, i guess not that scared--we went to texas land and cattle for lunch yesterday, (my boss took me- i had no choice) i ordered a grilled chicken ceasar salad. i think that's the first time i walked out of there not being stuffed! i usually order the chicken fried chicken which pretty much is the size of the plate itself, and i don't stop eating until it's gone! so, i guess i did okay although my "diet" doesn't consist of any meat w/my salad.

then i had a great 3 mile run at my gym. followed by another 2 mile run outdoors w/my tnt team. it was great! i can't stop saying such great things about my teammates, they are all so nice, friendly & outgoing. i know i've said it before, but this is going to be a great season!

after practice, and here's we're i hated myself in the morning, we went out for drinks! i only had one, and it was an mgd64- only 64 calories, how can it be that bad? i also ordered fish tacos, they were yummy...and i snacked on some sweet potato fries. i really hope these eats don't make it harder for me to lose weight this week or worse gain back a few pounds. i'll just have to workout a little harder these next few days!

also, i had no problem packing a lunch today! a delicious greek salad awaits! dinner will light as well! i feel like i should be wearing one of those sandwich signs saying "do not feed the human!" no more food for me, please! :)

juneathon day 9: 5 miles!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

i lost 5lbs!

so, i weighed in last night and i lost 5lbs! i was hoping to lose 2lbs, but i am not complaining- i just hope to be consistent w/this weight loss!

start weight (06/02/10): 141
current weight (06/08/10): 136
goal weight: 110

i guess i'll be continuing this diet after all! although i did veer from the book last night. i treated myself w/a turkey burger on ezekial bread w/sweet potato fries!
i swear it tasted better than it looked! jumping back on the horse today! we also start our first wednesday practice w/our team tonight! not looking forward to running in this humidity though!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

juneathon day 8: 3 miles + 20 min of cycling!

today is the day!

last night's dinner: pecan crusted chicken w/green beans and baked sweet potato!

it was delicious! as was this morning's breakfast, egg frittata!

although, i do have to break it to you. today is day 7 of my diet also known as the day i always give up! after breakfast i could not bring myself to drink my morning smoothie. my body would not have it. i couldn't pack a lunch either, i do not want another salad!! it's now lunchtime and i am hungry! i may go down to our office cafeteria and grab a grilled cheese sandwich, i really can't have another salad. i hope i can eat a sensible dinner tonight and not give up because i am doing so well. at least i think i'm doing well, today we shall see! today's the day i find out if i've lost any weight! my goal is to lose 2lbs a week. if i lose 2lbs today, i will be ecstatic! probably the only motivation that will keep me on this diet! so, wish me luck in that i lose those 2lbs this evening!

Monday, June 7, 2010

juneathon day 7: 3 miles + 20 min elliptical!

weekend recap

finally, blogger is back up! anyone have the same problem? didn't seem like it as i kept seeing new posts and getting upset because i could not comment on them!

anyway, happy to report i had a great weekend! tnt kickoff was saturday morning and it was a great one! a full house w/lots of eager participants, it's going to be a great season! afterwards went to the gym and ran 4 miles and 20 minutes on the elliptical while watching a movie on lifetime! this elliptical thing sure is getting easier! afterwards my honey and i went to hooters and a comedy show, we saw comedian, pablo francisco, very funny guy!

followed my "diet" pretty much all weekend. at hooters had some naked wings and celery sticks. (okay, maybe the beer wasn't on the diet) then had some wine at the show, i can honestly say the wine is on the diet! :) i figured since i hadn't had wine all week (as the book allows), i'd indulge a little.

sunday was a wonderful rest day, my bf and i spent all day in bed! he made me breakfast, hard boiled eggs as was previously on the menu. then i decided to indulge a little more-- he wanted whataburger, so i opted for the grilled chicken salad- not too bad. i won't tell you what i had for dinner, okay yes i will, little ceasar's pizza. but i've come to a conclusion that this book (the wine and food lover's diet), is basically about portion control and i only had 2 slices! usually, i could finish the whole pizza if someone would let me! so i was very proud of myself!

today another spinach, mushroom & jalapeno cheese omelet, a salad for lunch and tonight pecan crusted chicken! each w/a green smoothie. this week is headed off to a great start!

juneathon day 6: 30 minutes of yoga

Friday, June 4, 2010

juneathon day 4: 1hr zumba!

win, lose or blog?

no pretty food pictures today. i had fish and green beans for dinner in case you were wondering...and i'm pretty sure you know what it looks like :)

today is nothing special either, the menu called for tex-mex scrambled eggs this morning, but i opted for my own spinach, mushroom & jalapeno cheese omelet, they pretty much have the same ingredients and mine was much easier to make. for lunch: another salad, romaine, carrots, almonds and parmesan. dinner: leftovers, i don't want my stuffed chicken masterpiece to go to waste! w/some sweet potato fries. all meals each w/a smoothie! i spiced it up a bit today and used a "real" recipe: watermelon, romaine, 1 banana and 1/2 juice of a lemon. i really like the flavor of lemon in my drink! the banana not so much, but i could hardly taste it, i only eat it for the potassium.

but on an interesting note, anyone heard of the Win, Lose, or Blog contest? i love the blog world because there's always motivation every page you look! i really hope i get chosen to participate in this contest because it would be a real motivator! of course, the contest doesn't start until june 21st and i hope to lose a few lbs before then! oh well, we shall see what happens!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

juneathon day 3: 3 miles and 20 minutes on the elliptical. the elliptical is warming up to me :)

excited about three things thursday

i can't tell you how excited i am for myself.

1. because i made a wonderful dish (picture above), chicken breasts stuffed w/cheese and spinach w/a kale salad! it was delicious, and very easy to make. i hope the rest of these recipes are this easy and this good-- of course i tweak it here and there.

2. we had an office party during lunch, i was volunteered to decorate and serve, oh the torture--brisket, tamales, rice and beans, pasta salad & a ton of desserts!! i kept thinking to myself, well maybe i'll have one tamale when i'm done, maybe i'll have one brownie when i'm done, etc. and when i was done, i came to my office (empty handed) and had my 'romaine salad w/bacon and almonds.' and a green smoothie. this tells me i'm really dedicated to be able to pass up all this delishesness (is that a word?). and truthfully, it wasn't that hard.

3. this morning, my recipe book called for a hard boiled egg. i think the last time i had one was when i was five years old! i really hate the smell of it, but i remember eating them all the time when i was a little girl- i loved them! and honestly, it wasn't that bad, good actually. it could have used some salt but good nonetheless. i had it w/another smoothie.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

juneathon day 2: 1hr yoga + 25 min bike ride!(my intentions were to run today, made it to gym only to discover-no tennis :) so much for running on national run day!

the unwelcomed surprise

well, i was very surprised last night when i got on the scale. very much motivated to say the least. my stats are as followed, but in my defense i made the mistake of weighing myself after a workout instead of before so most of it could very well be water weight. i will weigh myself again to be sure.

weight: 141
bmi: 26.8
body fat: 34.6% (average is between 20-34.9)
bp: 86/28

my boyfriend and i were talking last night about when we met 5 years ago, i weighed 110lbs! i've gained nearly 6lbs a year? i've been in denial for a really long time now. my clothes no longer fits me and it's time to do something about it. i really hope this 'wine and food lover's diet' works. wow. am i really doing this? if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is, isn't it? i'm trying it out anyway--what have i got to lose besides a few pounds?

last night i prepared my breakfast for this morning, odette's omelet cups!

a mixture of garlic, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, kosher salt, pepper stuffed in eggs & shredded gruyere.

topped w/pine nuts and more gruyere. i could've done without the pine nuts and really couldn't taste the gruyere. maybe next time i will use a different cheese and a little more salt.

had this with my favorite green smoothie, romaine and watermelon! i also think i'll substitute the wine for another green smoothie. don't know if i can handle a glass of wine a day. well, i know i could handle it, just not sure it's the best for me :)

lunch: a classic savy salad
dinner: chicken stuffed w/cheese and spinach

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

juneathon day 1: 3 miles and 10 minutes on the elliptical. don't laugh, the elliptical has never been a friend of mine and i wanted to try something new :)

relax...don't do it!

well, you can sum up my three day weekend with one word: relaxation! i went to my zumba class friday evening and ended the night w/a nice hot shower and turned in early. it seems these are what my future friday nights will hold since i will be practicing early saturday mornings w/tnt again! this will be my 6th season!

practice saturday morning was at 7am, but after kickoff when the season really begins we will be practicing at 6am! ugh! but we have a great team so far and it's really something i am looking forward to--plus the greatest incentive is i'm helping to save lives in the process! we only ran two miles, but my new friend debbie was really fast so it felt more like 5 miles! the sun came up and i don't do well w/that-i had a horrible migraine the rest of the day and spent the day watching lifetime! not too bad if you ask me. note to self: when training for marathon, be sure to add advil to the grocery list!

i was able to spend sunday w/my honey. we spent the morning shopping, had lunch at red lobster and spent the remainder of the evening at half price books. i bought a few books since they had a really good sale going on, (i love memorial day) and one really caught my eye. the wine and food lover's diet!

the introduction went like this, "i love good food. i hate being overweight. i love to drink wine w/dinner. i hate the self-deprivation of dieting." i was hooked. if you've been reading my blog, you know that i've been struggling w/weight loss.(mostly because i don't know how to stop eating and don't exercise as much as i should) anyway, i thought i'd give it a try. becoming a raw foodie may be too extreme for me right now...but i just may continue to incorporate some of the good eats and smoothies!

what i like about this book is it is 28 days and has a menu as well as a recipe for breakfast, lunch & dinner for every day! this is exactly what i need! when i try something new, the longest i last is usually about a week, mainly because i get tired of eating the same things. hopefully this will hold me accountable!

i'm starting this diet tomorrow, since it is 28 days it will end exactly june 30th, the last day of the month. i'd like to think i was that clever, but really, i just didn't feel like going grocery shopping yesterday! :) i spent my day off organizing my closet and relaxing a little more! hey, i work hard, i deserve it! also, i have a feeling this month is going to be a crazy one, so i will relax when i can! today also starts the juneathon!! good luck everyone!