Sunday, July 31, 2011

100 Hour Fundraising Challenge Winner

Because I LOVE a challenge, I challenged my TNT teammates to a 100 Hour Fundraising Challenge! They were to challenge each other (to challenge their friends) to see who could raise the most funds in 100 hours and they surpassed all my expectations! I am so proud to announce that in 100 short hours we all raised $4472.94 in support of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society! What an amazing group of people I had the opportunity to lead. We are all winners, but as in every challenge a winner must be named, here are the results of the money we raised in 100 hours:

1st place Melissa Buentello $878.44
2nd place Laurile Higgins $855
3rd place Stacie Sanderson $475
4th place Joshua Hodgkins $455
5th place Celeste Lushkins $380
6th place Victor Chevalier $285
7th place Heather Miller $175
8th place Debi Cone $144
9th place Beth Loftis $120
10th place Allyson Maldonado $111.50
11th place Tracy Higgins $25
12th place Courtney Franson $10

Melissa will be receiving a check for $100 made payable to LLS.

These are amazing totals and we certainly could not have done this without the help of our AMAZING friends! Thank you all so much for contributing to this successful event! We hope you will join us next time! :)

And, in case any one is wondering, I was able to raise $559! If you were unable to make a donation, don't worry- I am still accepting! Make an online donation here: truly hope you will donate today, either in honor of someone fighting cancer, in memory of someone who has been lost to cancer, or in appreciation of yourself or others you love not affected by cancer. Until there is a cure, there is no guarantee that our lives will go untouched by cancer.

For the Cure,
Grace Montalvo