Wednesday, May 26, 2010

alls well that ends well

so, this morning wasn't one of the bests. attorney after attorney kept coming into my office annoying me more than the last. i swear i thought i was on an episode of "boiling point." the only thing that kept me going was knowing i had a yoga class during the lunch hour and i knew that would calm me down. i knew once i got there my mind would be clear.

...and that is how my class began. but further into the class i began to get hungry--then i remembered i didn't bring my lunch to work--then i decided i'd leave class early to have enough time to pick something up--then i thought about where i would go--then i remembered a coupon i had from one of my favorite restaurants downtown, sip--bingo! with every bit of excitement, i began rolling up my mat as quietly as i could trying oh so hard not to disturb anybody. then i grabbed my towel, my water bottle....and uh-oh, there goes my water bottle! water all over the floor! i am mortified! i quickly cleaned up the mess and tried to get out of there as fast as i could!

i make it to sip and order, what i always order, an oven roasted breast of turkey, artichoke parmesan spread and baby spinach panini w/a side salad. it was yummy...even better because it was only $4 compared to the $7 it usually is!

this afternoon is much better. i am able to laugh off my morning and look forward to sex and the city 2! going to an advance screening tonight...a whole 2 hours earlier than the midnight showing :) even so, i'm looking forward to it just the same! lord knows i need a cocktail after this day!


  1. Well at least your afternoon is going better than your morning! ;)

  2. Sounds like something I would do being the new student in Yoga!

    Glad you had a good afternoon to shake off that hectic morning.