Wednesday, August 25, 2010

grace goes virtual

well, so much for blogging to hold me accountable. i missed my plyometric class last night-- i'll blame it on the rain! (had to blame somebody) :)

but tonight will be different! we are scheduled for another wed night 4 mile group run...after reading

P's blog

yesterday, i had the idea of joining

MCM MAMA's 'Mama Goes Masters' Virtual Race .

to celebrate her 40th birthday!!

i'm super excited about running my first virtual race! hoping to have as much as P did--seriously check out her hilarious race update, absolutely loved the video! and she looked cute running it!

check back tomorrow for my race update and pictures!


  1. You are so sweet - thanks for the shout-out!! :-) I'll be cheering for you at your virtual Finish Line: GO, GRACE, GO!!!

  2. Go Runner, Go! I think virtual running sounds about like the best kind of running to me!