Tuesday, February 1, 2011

winner, winner, winner

i want to thank you all for participating in my fundraiser benefiting the leukemia and lymphoma society; together we raised $310! thanks so much to my sponsors:

Bondi Band

Lift your Sole

Laura Elaine Designs

Allied Medal Displays

this could not have been possible without your support! and now, drum roll please.....

TMB Endurance Band (green)- Allyson Maldonado
(black/pink)- Katye of Long Legs on the Loose

Bondi Band (pink 'put your big girl panties...')- Rose of Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri
(black & purple TNT)- Katye of Long Legs on the Loose (yes, again!)
(blue flowered pattern)- Katye of Long Legs on the Loose (i swear i shook them real well)

TNT Necklace- Katye of Long Legs on the Loose (she is one lucky girl!)

Race Bib Book- Kelley Callanen

Allied Medal Display (1)- Allyson Maldonado
(2) Julie Arts of Adventure is out There

$100 Flemings Gift Card- Anna Rando

i wish i had prizes for you all as i am so grateful for your donations! congratulations to the lucky winners! please send me the address you would like me to send your prizes to. i will be emailing you shortly as well.

thanks again for joining the fight against blood cancers!


  1. Awesome job on your fundraiser, Grace!!!
    Woot - I'm a winner :-)

  2. well isn't this just super exciting! but because I already have 1,000 Bondi bands...go ahead and pick another winner for those two (I need to spread the love...good karma!) love the necklace!