Monday, April 5, 2010

weekend at a glance

these pics can pretty much sum up my weekend! i had an absolute wonderful time spending time with family and friends! easter has and will always be my favorite holiday. it's a tradition in my family that we play volley ball and the egg toss--my cousin mikey and i always win the egg toss! although our family is getting smaller and smaller (mostly because we have gotten bigger and bigger and don't all fit under the same roof :p), we still enjoy it just the same!

as for my "diet," i can honestly say, i did not have any fast food! yay me!

...and tomorrow, i get to go in to work at noon! so i get to do all the things i was supposed to this weekend like clean, laundry and my favorite: grocery shopping!


  1. looks like one little girl had quite the Easter!

  2. yes my goddaughter! she was the only child there!