Thursday, April 1, 2010

three things thursday!

"three things thursday" ha! i'm really starting to feel like an official blogger w/my new lingo! now, if only i could get some followers! :)

1. last night dinner at stonewerks: grand vegetarian burger. vegetable patty topped with black bean puree, monterey jack and american cheese, bean sprouts, avocado, red onion, lettuce and mayo....and fries! i'm new to this whole "eating healthy-pescetarian-testing" thing and really assumed i didn't have to ask for the garden salad and that it would just be given to me. wrong, not complaining about the fries though-they were really good. almost as good as the burger, i honestly could not taste the difference between meat and faux meat. not sure if that's a good or bad thing? either way, it was nice to able to enjoy a vegetarian meal at a restaurant-one of my fears is that not all restaurants would have something i'd like. (sorry no pics, didn't know if it was appropriate to bring out the camera at the dinner table)

2. the wine (mark west, pinot noir 2008), we had last night was absolutely enticing! i had it the last time we were there and fell in love with it. i couldn't find anyone who sold it locally though and all the online sites cost double the amount of the wine (the wine is very inexpensive, about $10); on second thought, it may be worth purchasing as the bottle last night was about $30. it was so smooth and silky with just the perfect amount of pomegranate,plums,cherry/strawberry-accented fruit w/a combination of a vanilla deep rich taste. yum. w/all the fruit in there, it must be healthy, huh? :) i'll just tell myself that to make me feel better. wonder if many vegetarians/raw foodist drink alcohol?

3. the visit to my nutritionist went well. he can see an improvement...and well, i'm still waiting for the weight loss! i told him about my idea of becoming vegetarian/raw foodist and he said no to becoming vegetarian and yes to going raw. he said some of the most unhealthiest people are vegetarians and he did not want me doing that. he actually encouraged me to go raw, he is a raw foodie himself. i just can't imagine going 100% raw so fast. and i thought being vegetarian would help ease my way to going raw?? i'm still so confused. i have a lot to read up on. ordered some books & cookbooks, i'm getting a dehydrator this weekend and soon i will be eating a lot healthier...regardless of the label i put on myself! i'm trying pesceterian (please don't be completely confused when i keep saying vegetarian) with the intentions of going raw and if nothing else, i'm just hoping to eat better! they say you are what you eat and hoping to be someone a lot better!


  1. Oooo that wine does sound good!! :)

  2. You can be very healthy and be veggie. Just don't eat fries and fake meats all the time. It isn't that tough. I've been doing it for almost 6 years now!