Tuesday, March 30, 2010

gracie likes it

so, i've decided while i'm gathering all my info on my becoming a raw foodist that maybe i should try pescetarianism first. i think probably a long while before i jump to the extreme. anyway, i'm going to try different foods and see what i like/dislike, see how my stomach handles these foods, etc before going full-out.

last night for dinner i had: a buffalo chicken sandwich w/chicken fried wheat meat dipped in buffalo sauce with lettuce and chipotle mayo on ezekial bread w/sweet potato fries!



it was yummy! put that in the "like" category! :)
not only was it delicious, but it was so convenient. i talked about the difficulties i would have in eating dinner because of my schedule but it was easier than i thought! i placed my order online, it was ready when i picked it up and it was on my way to class! i love green (that's the name of the restaurant by the way)!

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