Friday, March 26, 2010


i'm new to blogging and figure i'd see what it's all about. i don't have a very interesting life and don't think i will have many followers, but at least i'll be able to amuse myself! :)
currently i'm 4 weeks into seeing my nutritionist--maybe when/if i actually lose weight i can write about that...i just finished the disney half marathon about 3 weeks, so i'm not currently training--but maybe i can start so i can have something to write about? haha. either way, i've started a blog and whether or not i will continue to let you all into my life's adventures is up in the air...


  1. yay! welcome to blog world =) you'll get addicted

  2. Hey Grace! Welcome to the blogging world!! I look forward to reading your blog

  3. thanks! i hope i can keep up w/this! i tried following you, but i can't find you on my page?? i'm so confused... :(