Monday, March 29, 2010

what i love about mondays!

while most people hate mondays, i absolutely love them! for me, it's another chance at getting things right! let's forget about last week and put it in the past! forget about how i cheated on my diet and let's start working on improving it!

speaking of my make things only harder for me, i am debating on becoming a raw foodist. i read 'green for life' last night and became completely inspired. you may be thinking how am i going to do that if i can't even stay away from the sugar my dr banned, but i really think i can do it. it's time to stop complaining about my weight loss (or lack thereof) and actually do something about it. i need to start living a healthier lifestyle and i believe this is key.

i'm going to talk to my nutritionist on wed and in the mean time i will be doing more research on it. i'm not your typical vegetable enthusiast, so this is going to be tough. i do however think this is completely attainable if i take baby steps. only time will tell...


  1. I hate Monday but I do love the feeling of getting to start all over. Love it! I try to spend some time after church on Sunday thinking of my goals for the next week and reasonable ways to meet them. And about the raw food, if its something you really want to do, and your doctors think it would be healthy for your body, go for it! But I definitely think its something that you need to do for you. Its a big commitment and if you are doing it for anything other than "Grace really wants to do this and this is going to be good for Grace's mind, body, and soul" it won't work. Good luck!

  2. that sounds like a great plan, getting your goals on sunday! think i'll take your advice this weekend! :)

    yes, i really need to do this for my health and i'm ready to try anything. my plan is to start off small maybe 25% raw and then ease into it. i've met a lot of raw foodist/vegeterians/vegans who have great info on this site! i'm so glad you inspired me to start blogging!