Wednesday, January 12, 2011

crumbs don't have calories

so let me just start off by saying, i've been a very bad girl! my coworker decided to bake cookies and brought them in on monday. i resisted the first day, but by day two, i had three --maybe four. then today, i finished them off in addition to cake! lots of cake! had it for breakfast, after lunch and some after that! ...after eating a yummy lunch at paesanos! but, it was the judge's birthday and i just had to have it! isn't it darling? i know, still bad, bad, bad! luckily, my coworker assured me that "crumbs don't have calories." yes, she did catch me eating crumbs of the delicious cake! ugh! i sure hope i don't gain too many pounds for that! that is definitely the last time i do that!

day 12 of 100: awesome 4 mile run on the riverwalk! it was 31 degrees out and it was perfect running weather for me! absolutely loved it! most people in the SOUTH would say i'm crazy, but i would take cold of hot and sunny ANY day!

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  1. it's so hard when there is so much yummy food in the office!!


  2. Oh my the title. the story of my life. loved it.

  3. For a long time in college, I would tear out every single double paged ad from every magazine I got. It certainly made the magazines much thicker. I quit because it got too time consuming. I guess they have to make money somehow, though.

  4. yes, once cookies/brownies/cake are cut/broken the calories all fall out!

  5. I agree with this! Also, if you eat celery, you burn calories just by chewing it : )

  6. Cookies and cakes are so hard to resist!