Wednesday, January 5, 2011

my first DNF

50 followers? yay! welcome to my blog, as i promised i will be hosting a giveaway since we reached 50! any ideas, anything you would like to see given away?

thank you letter no.5: "dear cafeteria, thank you for going up in prices by nearly 40% and having a $5.00 minimum to use my debit card resulting in making myself breakfast on a daily basis." i don't think this is what kralik had in mind, but i truly am grateful. my spinach & feta omelet rocked! now, i didn't send the letter for fear that it might offend someone, but i did post on facebook so that makes it legit :)

day 5 of 100: 5k (DNF), yes i really did just give myself a DNF (did not finish)-my first ever! i attempted a 5k, but really did not feel the run. maybe it was the different route, maybe it was the tourist that were on the different route, maybe it was knowing i had to be at a meeting right after......maybe i was just too damn tired! whatever the case may be it just was not a good run and i use the term 'run' loosely. i ended up walking a whole lot! i may not have completed my race, but i did meet the requirements of bingham's 100 day challenge of 30 minutes of movement! :) so i am not a complete failure :)


  1. I hate when I try to go out for a run - and my mind is all ready for it - and then my body says No.

    That's crazy - a $5.00 min for debit card usage?? I NEVER have cash - and I really don't see myself spending $5 on breakfast foods. Great thank you letter!

  2. Just know that we ALL have bad runs. I probably have more bad runs than I do good runs.
    I also hate when there is a minimum on a debit card purchase because I rarely ever carry cash.