Tuesday, January 11, 2011

that workout totally counts!

i am so overwhelmed! so much to do and so little time! i've made an executive decision and will be posting a "thank you letter update" every friday rather than every day. i may even write all the letters on friday, not sure yet. the problem is, i have 3 letters written and ready to go-- i just haven't made time to mail them. i need be more prepared next week! i will buy stationary and pre-stamp envelopes and will be ready to go next week! who knows, maybe then you'll get a daily update :)

speaking of thank yous, i have yet to finish the book '365 thank yous.' the book i am basing this idea off of.:( i stayed late again at work and did not pack my gym clothes. i decided i would eat, workout (i intended to do my dallas cowboy cheerleader bootcamp video since i would not be going to the gym), wash 5 loads of laundry since i am way overdo and relax & read! the only thing i did was eat and slept! :( i was so angry when i woke up at midnight and realized that i had ruined my 100 day challenge. i thought, if only it were 11:30 i would totally get up and workout! then i thought, NO! this can't be right, i've worked so hard these last 10 days and i will not accept this. today i made a delivery to 2 different buildings and it took me exactly 30 minutes! the rules say 'at least 30 minutes of movement' and that my friends, was 30 minutes of movement! please help me justify this! and an added bonus is, my pedometer read 18,605 steps! that totally counts! right? right!

day 11 of 100: 30 minute walk!


  1. First off, love your blog. So glad You commented on my post today because now I can read your wonderful blog here! Um, I really need to check out this 365 thing...sounds right on....I need to find a way to make it fit into my life..I have so much going on with thank you cards for parties for my kids, school work for them to turn in, e-mails to respond to, books to read for book club...I think I'll find a way to make it work just right for cool how we can tweak things but still still to the main idea. gratitude and taking time to tell others that they are special and of value to us! so important

  2. 30 minutes of movement is 30 minutes of movement. It totally counts!

  3. Hello Grace! Thank you so much for leaving some love on my blog! I really appreciate it. Way to go on that exercise! That totally ROCKS and yes it DOES count! :)

  4. Indo Board:

    the thing you roll on is what my sadistic trainer made me foam roll with. Bastard! hahaha.

  5. YOU HAVE A BEAUTIFUL BLOG!!! I am loving it and thank you for the sweet comment you are so right! YOU ARE ONE BUSY GIRL! IT totally counts and I love your thanks idea!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love meeting new bloggers. Love the blog. Sounds like you are a busy lady. Oh! I love the Dixie Chicks too!