Wednesday, January 19, 2011

here we go!

i'm overwhelmed with joy today! i had such a great response to the drawing yesterday; it was awesome hearing the notification on my phone almost all day! i have the best bloggy friends!

remember it's not too late to enter! :) ENTER HERE

also, i won shut up and run's giveaway!

she asked the following questions:

What is your health-related New Year’s resolution this year?
How do you plan to stick to your resolution this year?
What are the best tips you’ve heard to start off right this year, maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle?

and my answers were:
♥ my resolution this year was not lose X amount of weight. it was to loose weight and be healthy by working out daily and eating right. this year i have been cooking most of my breakfast, lunch and dinners!
♥ to keep track i am keeping a calendar with my goals for the month and highlighting them once they've been accomplished. i will also be running at least one race each month for the rest of the year. i have list and am going to cross them off as completed!
♥ to start of the year, i joined John Bingham's 100 day challenge. Its 100 days of at least 30 minutes of movement. After i reach 100 days, I am going to do 100 more and then 156 more to complete a whole year! 356 days sounds like so much, but by breaking it up--it sounds so easy!

so, let me brief you in on the last couple of days! i have lost 3 lbs since the beginning of the year (7 if you want to count holiday weight). i have been cooking most of my meals with the exception of the weekends...i've got to find a way around that!

calendar is still up and running but had to count myself out of john bingham's challenge. after 13 days of working out/training it was becoming a little much. very disappointing at first, but i'm still proud of what i accomplished. on the 14th i had every intention on going to zumba, but a friend invited me to the spurs game. hmmm, workout or spurs game?? that was an easy one for me, i rewarded myself for doing so good by going to the spurs game!

saturday, i hopped back on the train and did 9.5 miles! in 2 hours flat!

sunday, my honey & i went to church (another resolution of mine) & watched football all day. then toward the end of the night felt like i was coming down w/something, so needless to say, no working out then or on monday because i was extremely ill and did not get out of bed all day! that is not how i intended to spend my day off! :(

tuesday, it was back to the grind here at work. although i wasn't 100% i still came & skipped another workout. :(
i did however start school yesterday! very excited about that! i took a year off of court reporting school and i felt it was time to go back and get it done.

i will be carrying a heavy load this semester with school, prepping for a church retreat and training/fundraising for a half marathon but i am ready to take on this challenge!


  1. I loved that you put hearts next to each of your goals!
    Sometimes your body just needs a little break from working out so it can recover. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog a bit ago. It totally reminded me I wanted in on your drawing. I saw it this morning and didn't have my card with me and promptly forgot all about it. Maybe I'll do something like this in the Spring when I'm in full mode fund raising! Great idea!