Thursday, January 20, 2011

wanna win an allied running medal hanger??

do you need somewhere to hang your precious medals?

be sure to enter my drawing where i am raffling off 2 hangers! thank you so much to allied for donating these gorgeous items!

in other news, i have not worked out in 5 days! yes, this is day 5 of not working out for me! :( i am still very sick and what hurts the most is not being able to run or cross train! i have a half marathon in 11 days, this bug really needs to fly away! i hate to be so negative but i can't think of one positive thing about being sick...oh wait, i have no appetite and may lose a pound or two? that's always a plus, right? well, if you can think of any thing else, please let me know because it's no fun being in my position and i really need to be cheered up!


  1. Ah bummer, I hope you feel better really soon. What a bummer to feel so bad when you are this close to a big race!

    Okay - I feel like such a moron asking this. Your giveaway ... I did that first round with the donation and all that, and then you said I get a bonus entry ... I don't know what to do! :) Do I enter again like before? Help me, wise one!

    Basically, I'm really wanting a medal hanger!!

  2. I know its hard but resting might be the best thing right now, then you will come back and rock your half marathon! Positive and feel better thoughts going your way!

  3. Taking time off to heal your body so you can do awesome in your half is exactly what you need right now, as much as it sucks.

  4. Know that you are resting your body so you can come back the fierce warrior you are. Take advantage of this time and be good to yourself. I know. I'm in bed, sick myself. The last month I've spent taking care of others and I think by putting myself last, it's taking its toll. I am spending a day on me to make myself whole again. Think about it that way.

  5. Bummer that you are sick. Perhaps you can catch up on books or TV. those are always nice when you aren't able to run. get well soon!