Thursday, January 6, 2011

just for the bling of it

hey! who stopped following me? i went down to 49...oh well, it gives me time to think of an awesome giveaway! :)

so, just joined this awesome challenge run for the bling of it.

i heard about people doing this last year and thought it would be cool to try in 2011, when i found out about this challenge i just couldn't pass it!

my first race will be january 30th, the aramco houston half marathon! it came to my attention that i only have 3 weeks left to train! yikes! good thing i started bingham's 100 day challenge :) they gave a sneak peak of the medal today, featured above :) do you love it? i do!

thank you letter no.6: i wrote this letter to a person i recently met last year running a race who was a part of another TNT running group, stacey. she constantly posts positive messages on facebook bright and early in the morning. she REALLY makes my day. some people post negative stuff and its such a breath of fresh air getting her take on the morning, puts me in a good mood. one morning i found myself asking, 'how would stacey turn this negative situation into a positive one? :)

day 6 of 100: went running w/some favorite girlfriends, 3.9 miles. funny how i have a half marathon in just 3 weeks and that is the highest mileage i have reached! i don't have a time for you because i forgot my watch
it was a fun run w/the gals! afterwards we worked on our running capes! yes, we are going to do our monthly pub run tomorrow and our theme is super heroes! stayed tuned, tomorrow i will post pics of the fab event!


  1. I've tried to join the run for the bling of it challenge through two e-mails and still am not on the list :-(

    Don't you just love the positive fb people?? I love when people post great quotes that I've never heard before.

  2. And now you're up to 51 - w00t!!
    How nice to have such a positive friend! I get awfully tired of the Negative Nellies on FB.

  3. I'd never heard of Run for the Bling of It. What an awesome idea! And I love that you're writing thank you letters every day. You just gained a follower in me. =)

  4. I'm doing the Houston half mary too, good luck!!! I'm really digging the medals this year. :)

  5. How exciting to have a big race so soon! I LOVE racing. I wish I could afford to do it every weekend. The Princess Half is my next - and my first half marathon. I can't wait to finally join you and the others that know what the whole experience is like! Too bad you aren't going this year. :(

    Very cool medal! I like knowing there is a medal ahead -- gives me motivation when I feel like I'm in a slump!

  6. Sometimes, my numbers go down and then I'll refresh the page and my numbers are back up. It was probably a glitch or something.

    Big time luck on the running. I so admire your fortitude as I sit here on my arse admiring.

  7. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog! Good luck on your upcoming race! I ran my first half-marathon in October :) Good for you!!!

  8. I tagged you in my latest post with a "Stylish Blogger Award." You don't have to play, but part of the rules is me letting you know that I've enjoyed finding and reading your blog, and I think you're awesome.