Wednesday, June 16, 2010

am i afraid of the scale or is the scale afraid of me?

not really thrilled w/myself this week. somehow i managed to gain back 4lbs! i know i've been bad, but i don't think i've been that bad! someone please tell me this is muscle fat that i'm gaining! it has to be, cause while i haven't been eating the greatest, i have still been working out.

i didn't do jillian michaels like i wanted to. i didn't have vigorous workouts this week. i walked on my treadmill instead of ran...okay, okay, i guess i see where i messed up. besides the fact that i haven't been following my diet book :)

that's actually when i started gaining the weight, when i stopped following the book, stopped drinking my green smoothies & stopped working out as hard. okay, i know where i went wrong- now i need to fix it! i'll try and eat well the rest of the week, but on monday, it's back on the diet for me! then maybe i can bring out jillian's 30 day shred again!

this is going to be hard, but this is going to be worth it! i want to be able to face the scale w/confidence next time!

start weight(06/02/10): 141
(06/08/10): 136
(06/15/10): 140
goal weight: 110


  1. Weight definitely flucuates and I know when I don't work out as hard or eat right, I start to gain some water weight. I bet if you get back on track you'll see most of it drop right back pretty quickly

  2. Okay, the good news is that you're still at a net loss, so don't get discouraged! And, lesson learned: when you follow a plan, things go the way you want them to. I admire your resolve to get back to it!!

  3. Don't be too hard on yourself. Everyone needs a few days off. You know how to fix it, so easy-peasy!

  4. Well - are you mensturating? Did I spell that right? That always makes a difference with me. Weight for me definitely depends on what I'm eating more than what I'm running.