Wednesday, June 2, 2010

the unwelcomed surprise

well, i was very surprised last night when i got on the scale. very much motivated to say the least. my stats are as followed, but in my defense i made the mistake of weighing myself after a workout instead of before so most of it could very well be water weight. i will weigh myself again to be sure.

weight: 141
bmi: 26.8
body fat: 34.6% (average is between 20-34.9)
bp: 86/28

my boyfriend and i were talking last night about when we met 5 years ago, i weighed 110lbs! i've gained nearly 6lbs a year? i've been in denial for a really long time now. my clothes no longer fits me and it's time to do something about it. i really hope this 'wine and food lover's diet' works. wow. am i really doing this? if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is, isn't it? i'm trying it out anyway--what have i got to lose besides a few pounds?

last night i prepared my breakfast for this morning, odette's omelet cups!

a mixture of garlic, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, kosher salt, pepper stuffed in eggs & shredded gruyere.

topped w/pine nuts and more gruyere. i could've done without the pine nuts and really couldn't taste the gruyere. maybe next time i will use a different cheese and a little more salt.

had this with my favorite green smoothie, romaine and watermelon! i also think i'll substitute the wine for another green smoothie. don't know if i can handle a glass of wine a day. well, i know i could handle it, just not sure it's the best for me :)

lunch: a classic savy salad
dinner: chicken stuffed w/cheese and spinach


  1. thanks for visiting my blog - i see you're a disney girl! :) assuming i get fixed in time i'm going to be doing the disney marathon this coming january. :D

  2. Romaine and have me intrigued! I may have to try soon. And hooray for the unwelcome surprise!

  3. I think that pine nuts make it look good.
    (get off oil & sugar and those extra lbs will reduce) :-)

  4. I love pine nuts, personally! and those egg cups look delish.

    how tall are you? we weigh the same amount. i can't imagine being able to get down to 110, so i'm hoping you're much shorter than i.