Thursday, June 3, 2010

excited about three things thursday

i can't tell you how excited i am for myself.

1. because i made a wonderful dish (picture above), chicken breasts stuffed w/cheese and spinach w/a kale salad! it was delicious, and very easy to make. i hope the rest of these recipes are this easy and this good-- of course i tweak it here and there.

2. we had an office party during lunch, i was volunteered to decorate and serve, oh the torture--brisket, tamales, rice and beans, pasta salad & a ton of desserts!! i kept thinking to myself, well maybe i'll have one tamale when i'm done, maybe i'll have one brownie when i'm done, etc. and when i was done, i came to my office (empty handed) and had my 'romaine salad w/bacon and almonds.' and a green smoothie. this tells me i'm really dedicated to be able to pass up all this delishesness (is that a word?). and truthfully, it wasn't that hard.

3. this morning, my recipe book called for a hard boiled egg. i think the last time i had one was when i was five years old! i really hate the smell of it, but i remember eating them all the time when i was a little girl- i loved them! and honestly, it wasn't that bad, good actually. it could have used some salt but good nonetheless. i had it w/another smoothie.

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