Tuesday, June 29, 2010

ten things tuesday

1. had a wonderful weekend, much deserved after the horrible week i had! we had our first TNT potluck w/all teams (marathon, hike & tri). here's a pic of a few of us, it totally looks like we're praying or something- really wish i knew what we were doing. :)

2. i didn't run w/my usual running buddy, one because she ran too fast and two because i stayed and ran w/another teammate, ronni. i then found out she is a survivor! she is such an amazing, strong, beautiful woman! i am in awe of her faith and self-motivation, she will be running the nike marathon in october! so happy for her!

3. my god-daughter turned 5! well not really, but she'll be w/her dad in july so we thought we'd celebrate early. time has really flown by so fast!

4. i woke up monday morning to a washed truck! i ♥ daddy!

5. i also chose to have a good day yesterday- guess what, i did!

6. my love and i went to see toy story 3 last night! absolutely adorable! my new favorite disney movie! ♥ ♥ ♥

7. this morning a lot of things went wrong but it's amazing when you chose to be happy, nothing can tear you down!

8. tonight- cash bash! i get to see my team again and tell them all about fundraising opportunities!

9. my gym bag is packed and i intend to get back on the treadmill tonight! hopefully i don't get forced to go out to eat w/the team :)

10. oh happy day! hope your day is as good as you want it to be! chose to be happy!


  1. Hi thanks for stopping by my blog!! Glad you had such a good day. It's amazing what a little positive thinking can do. I'm really sorry about your friend passing though.

  2. #5 & #10. my favs. awesome. such a great way to look at life. :)

  3. I can't wait to see Toy Story 3! And I love your running pictures :]

    There's an award waiting for you on my blog today! Be sure to check it out!