Thursday, June 24, 2010

just let me wine today, tomorrow's another chardonnay

yay! today is thursday, just one more day of this dreadful week! :)
i swear i'm usually not such a pessimist, but this really has been one of the worst weeks ever! not only because a dear friend has passed, but because it was very blah, very dull and boring and depressing! haven't lost any more weight, haven't had the energy to try! last night's group run was pathetic! i had to stay behind while my running partner passed me up- i just know it's because i haven't worked out all week. and boohoo, looks like i'm out of the juneathon challenge! :(
it was fun while it lasted, and yes i did drown my sorrows in a glass of wine! i deserve it!

anyway, i am in brighter spirits today. hoping for a great weekend and a great week to follow! new goals and new workout plans!


  1. i'm sorry for the loss of your friend.

    i certainly feel ya on the bad run - hopefully this weekend will perk up for ya! :)

  2. Sorry for your bummer week, but yay for your brighter spirits today. LOVE that pic of the crying babies! :-) I so feel like that sometimes!

  3. Sorry about the week. Just know that means next week should be better! Keep it up, you're very inspiring.

  4. A new "follower" in the house! :)

    A better week is right around the corner, I just know it! Hang in there!

  5. So sorry about your week, and especially about your friend. You're in my prayers today.