Tuesday, June 8, 2010

today is the day!

last night's dinner: pecan crusted chicken w/green beans and baked sweet potato!

it was delicious! as was this morning's breakfast, egg frittata!

although, i do have to break it to you. today is day 7 of my diet also known as the day i always give up! after breakfast i could not bring myself to drink my morning smoothie. my body would not have it. i couldn't pack a lunch either, i do not want another salad!! it's now lunchtime and i am hungry! i may go down to our office cafeteria and grab a grilled cheese sandwich, i really can't have another salad. i hope i can eat a sensible dinner tonight and not give up because i am doing so well. at least i think i'm doing well, today we shall see! today's the day i find out if i've lost any weight! my goal is to lose 2lbs a week. if i lose 2lbs today, i will be ecstatic! probably the only motivation that will keep me on this diet! so, wish me luck in that i lose those 2lbs this evening!


  1. Good luck! And stick with it, if you can. Or better yet, take a day off, then go back to it. Especially if you get results (even one pound is results!)

  2. Hey love those are millet puffs on top of the smoothie! Its a cereal! Got it at whole foods!

    Dont beat yourself up about your diet, we all have good days and bad days, just stay positive and do your best love! Maybe try something else healthy besides a salad for lunch, like a healthy wrap combo! xoxo