Monday, June 7, 2010

weekend recap

finally, blogger is back up! anyone have the same problem? didn't seem like it as i kept seeing new posts and getting upset because i could not comment on them!

anyway, happy to report i had a great weekend! tnt kickoff was saturday morning and it was a great one! a full house w/lots of eager participants, it's going to be a great season! afterwards went to the gym and ran 4 miles and 20 minutes on the elliptical while watching a movie on lifetime! this elliptical thing sure is getting easier! afterwards my honey and i went to hooters and a comedy show, we saw comedian, pablo francisco, very funny guy!

followed my "diet" pretty much all weekend. at hooters had some naked wings and celery sticks. (okay, maybe the beer wasn't on the diet) then had some wine at the show, i can honestly say the wine is on the diet! :) i figured since i hadn't had wine all week (as the book allows), i'd indulge a little.

sunday was a wonderful rest day, my bf and i spent all day in bed! he made me breakfast, hard boiled eggs as was previously on the menu. then i decided to indulge a little more-- he wanted whataburger, so i opted for the grilled chicken salad- not too bad. i won't tell you what i had for dinner, okay yes i will, little ceasar's pizza. but i've come to a conclusion that this book (the wine and food lover's diet), is basically about portion control and i only had 2 slices! usually, i could finish the whole pizza if someone would let me! so i was very proud of myself!

today another spinach, mushroom & jalapeno cheese omelet, a salad for lunch and tonight pecan crusted chicken! each w/a green smoothie. this week is headed off to a great start!

juneathon day 6: 30 minutes of yoga


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Sounds like you had a great weekend. That's where I'm at too, it's all about portion control and enjoying life.

    Sounds like you're incorporating it well into your life.


  2. Wow, your week *is* off to a great start - yay! It's definitely all about portion control. Not eating what you want sucks, but having a little and balancing it with the good-for-you stuff works well for me.

  3. I used to LOVE Little Ceasar's pizza! I don't know if there is one near me, but it actually sounds perfect! Good work with the portion control, too - that is something I've yet to master.

  4. sounds like a great weekend! whenever I see pizza I want it :)

  5. Good for you! That sounds awesome! I'm kind of a health nut myself, although the last week I've done nothing but write and I feel like a big big piece of flab right now. With your kind of determination and staying on track with exercise like that beer and pizza are just fine.

    Ok, this slacker's gonna go hit the treads now. You've inspired me.

  6. I try to be all about balance with my food and running, so I can have it all : )

    btw, that chicken stuffed with cheese and spinach looks awesome!